Sunday, 1 August 2010


Today's post is going to be a little different as I'm going to showcase some audio and visual, but with the emphasis on the audio. I still very much consider today's offering digital arts. I'm mainly writing about this because its close to my heart.

Recently I have been listening to more and more French electro [electro house/breaks]. Most people will know of Daft Punk, Justice and perhaps Mr Oizo, so im not really going to mention them. But, a lesser-known artist that I'm really hot on right now is Danger. Ever since I was a kid I have had a real passion for electronic music, just not the usual chart stuff. I had a Commodore Amiga [computer] with a pile of copied games [I was young and didn't understand the concept of piracy, the Amiga came with all these disks].
In my opinion the Amiga had the best sounding computer sound-chip ever. Most games heavily used it, but my favorite thing about it was the game crack intros and demo's [I will be covering Demoscene soon, your gonna love it]. Basically they were a very short piece of computer generated audio and visual that preceded a game. They had the most amazing synth-heavy music. Sampled hits, sampled vox, HUGE synthesized basslines, intricate sequencing, dark chords and plenty of pitch-shifting. I used to record the tunes onto tapes and lay in bed listening to them at night. My favorites were the epic, sci-fi, breaky structures and compositions. That was MY type of music. Ever since then I have been a keen follower of electronic music. Styles and genres constantly come and go with the current trends already beginning to stagnate. All the time I have dreamed of one day re-visiting the early-mid 90's Amiga style audio. Well, it seems I'm now just a little late to the party and some French producers have been all over it!?

Danger has been on my player non-stop for a few weeks now. I dont know for fact, but this guy must be about my age and must have had the same passion for this style of music. He is creating this exact style of electro, using a lot of the same sounding synths, pitch-shifts, structures and epic, sci-fi builds. But, it has the power of modern production with heavy side-chain beats and massive dance-floor compression. His visual representation is 16bit for fucks sake!? With massive mixes of Sebastian Tellier - Devine, Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be & Estelle - American Boy to name just a few, it would seem that everything he touches turns in to electronic gold. I can't get enough of this music and had to share it in the hope that somebody other than me is interested :D

*yeah, this video has footage of 'Commando' but i thought it would be more interesting than a blank screen. Just enjoy the music!

Estelle ft Kanye West- American Boy [danger remix]

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