Tuesday, 10 August 2010

"The Ultimate Break" - Akama Studio

Sorry I have been a little slow lately. My laptop has been at the doctors and the past two and a half weeks have felt like two and a half months. In this time I have been hunting high and low for great work to show you all and have found some treats.

First up we have an offering from Akama Studio. This is a Paris based animation studio, which specializes in 3D. They have a super polished style and are right up there with the heavy weight studios. Their work includes the insane and cute raving rabbids animations that you may have seen for ubisoft. 'The Ultimate Break' was a viral for Nestle to launch their new Kit-Kat bar and was tied to a competition in which two VERY lucky winners would win a trip into outer space! I love the deformed and stereo-typical characters in this production. Every character is brilliantly designed and our lead guy is perfectly expressive showing bucket loads of emotion. The environment is picture perfect and looks fairly real, although with a talented studio like this you would expect nothing less. The animation also uses very heavy depth of field effects with great results. I was particularly impressed with the sicky feeling moment when the lead character gets up from his desk [46 seconds].  Overall, this is a film quality production with a great deal of content in a very brief animation. enjoy.. 

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