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Well travelled, well experienced, "well wicked".. Here is spzero76. A freelance illustrator from the UK. Combining street art stylings with digital art techniques, SPZero76 creates a striking visual with a fresh contemporary edge. Heavy comicbook influences can be seen in his work, which often portrays a fun moment in time captured for our amusement. Outside of the digital realm SPZero76 is creating some fly looking canvasses [which i want on my wall] hosting tight lines and bright colours. After getting in contact with SPZero76 I realised that he had lots to say ;)

Where are you from?
I originally moved to Bristol from the land of the North. Doncaster to be specific! I moved to Bristol to study Illustration at UWE, which I chose after seeing Normski ride a skateboard across the Suspension Bridge, on the 90s programme 'Board Stupid'. I left Bristol to live in Manchester for two and a half years, where I worked as a Games Designer for a company based in Leeds, then travelled To South Korea and around Australia where I spent most of my time in Melbourne and Fremantle! Two awesome cities! When I came back to England I had to go where my heart was and I headed back to Bristol!

How would you describe your style of art??
As a kid I discovered comics when a pack of three GI Joe comics literally fell from the sky infront of me in Toys R'Us. It was wierd. I searched the whole shop to find more and spent ages looking up to discover where the booty fell from but there wasnt another comic in the store. Comics were my number one influence but as time went on others came in, such as Jamie Hewlett (comics again... 'Swiftys Return'), Nickelodeon cartoons and eventually Street Art. Street Art became an influence through a lot of friends I knew and their links. Ive known China Mike since our first year at Uni and I got to know a lot of the Bristol scene through Tonic exhibitions, in the late 90s down at the Cube Cinema, and when I got back to Bristol and organised the art side of the first Glostunbury Festival at the Golden Lion in 2007! When you are surrounded by so many great artists and their work its hard not to be influenced.

Have you got anything exciting that you are working on currently?
There is loads in the pipeline that Im just waiting to see what happens with, but I work freelance for a Canadian Games company and have recently put up a new exhibition and been commissioned to create five massive canvases featuring Stokes Croft for a new bar in Bristol. I have also designed an image for the upcoming OutSmart project, which is organised by Gemma Randall, illustrated User Interfaces for an upcoming iphone game, created an EP cover for up and coming band 'We Start Partys' and designed posters for a Hollywood Movie Studio called Red House Films. So I've been mad busy but Im always looking to get involved in anything. Give me a shout!

What would be your one important tip for people?
Don't stop trying! So many people who used to be artists on my course have settled for shitty jobs!! Dont do it!

What other artist is doing it for you right now??
There are so many awesome artists out there. I recently bought art by Bristol artists China Mike, Duncan Jago, Will Barras, Cheba, Dicy, Andy Council and Third Eye Green Bastard but I also love the work of Kid Acne, Mudwig, Kozyndan and Mode2 amongst many more.

If you would like to commission SPZero76, then please contact him here and be sure to check out his work at flickr

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