Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Juicy J aka Pixel Pimp

Here we have self titled 'world class illustrator' Juicy J. This guy has got style flowing through his veins. I first spotted his work via a comment on myspace years ago and have since seen his work making appearances  all over the net and on the pages of Computer Arts magazine. His work is bold, colourful, vibrant and so sexually in-your-face that it makes you wonder how much of a man you really are!? Wondering how a person can portray so much attitude via his artwork and being aware of his self-depiction of being a god-like figure I mentally prepared myself and went in for the interview.

*strong language has been used!

Hey Juicy J, where are you from?
I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. But, I'm not sure that has any real baring on my art or point-of-view. The world is infinite and getting smaller with books, internet and social media. I try to stay open to everything and become a product of my physical environment.

How would you describe your style of art?
I don't know. I work primarily in vector, but that's a broad spectrum. I guess it's cartoony and fun. But I guess I try to convey 'awesomeness!' in most things I do. So if I had to describe It I would say I specialize in awesome!

Have you got anything exciting that your currently working on?
Mostly everything I do is interesting... to most people. I'm a contributing illustrator and writer for a young, urban magazine. I'm getting into the world of tattooing and photography. I'm in beginning stages of doing concept and illustration work for a pilot animation on Cartoon Network. But the most interesting thing I'm doing for me right now is a series of pin ups of my girlfriend.

What would be your one important tip for people?
Stop being so cunty and mediocre, as I believe that's the source of most people's shitty lives. Most people suck at life and instead of figuring out ways to make their situation better they generally opt to bitch, complain and tear people down to their cunty level. My tip is surround your self around positive and cool people. Your life, art, and anything you do will drastically improve!

Finally, which artist is really doing it for you right now?
I don't really follow art or other artist, as I don't want to fall in to the trap of replicating my peers. I draw most my inspiration from movies, friends and life... And sometimes from smoking greenery.

Juicy J has loads more fly work on his web portfolio. Please check him out over at:

[ladies man - Juicy J]

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