Friday, 16 July 2010

Columbus - Love Machine

This video is really doing it for me right now. It has been produced by The Crystal Beach and is stunning! Watching this video I can't help but think its right on trend at the minute and we'll be seeing a lot more from this director in the future. Please have a look at his website as he has some really vibrant artwork on show.

Once again we have a lot of retro 80's visuals which are bursting with effects and I adore the choice of colours. The super-bright neon lighting is stunning to look at throughout the production. Its beautifully composited and seamlessly animated. I love the fast-cuts, the touches of depth-of-field and definitely can't get enough of those pretty lens flares flashing all over the screen! Lets get on to those effects. This video seems like a showcase of how to use after effects in 2010. Its pushing out every trendy effect in the book. You cant watch this production for more than a few seconds before another flashy, contemporary technique is thrust in to your over stimulated eyes. Andrew Kramer would be proud! I also need to mention the fashion. The Shaman is looking like a fly, future pimp and Miss Universe is rocking out with high-tops, space material leggings, super funky space marine armor and The Shamans sci-fi head piece. Very sexy! My last comment on this video is that I couldn't help but get a Mighty Boosh feel from it and in my books thats a good thing. Anyway, thats enough from me. Sit back and enjoy this electro masterpiece..

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