Friday, 16 July 2010

Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang

Here we have the new video to the single Bang Bang Bang by Mark Ronson. I wanted to try and post this before the tune gets too big and your all pig sick of hearing it. The video is great. Okay, so there's this current trend for mimicking the 80's style visuals and its been pushed hard. I love it! A lot of these videos are done with such a quality modern edge and showing so much appreciation for source material that its hard to ignore it. A new generation of visual artists are taking control and I think that you can see a true excitement for subject in their work. 

This video is by Warren Fu. Its Packed with 80's references, film inspiration and we should all know by now that if you have Asian influence in your work, that your coolness skyrockets!! The colour correction on this video is brilliant. Very muted with some great colour combinations and you gotta love those neon lights. You will find out if you continue to follow 'We Take Control' that I am a HUGE after effects fan and this video doesn't fail to deliver. Here the motion graphics are spot on. Full of great screen-wipes, transitions and armed to the teeth with effects. They never become intrusive and always look smooth. With Casio fonts, Gundam shapes, everybody dressed to impress and some lil' breakers dropped in for good measure.. Here we have 'Marc Ronson - Bang Bang Bang'

enjoy :D

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