Friday, 23 July 2010

Naked Compagnie

What can I say about this studio that hasn't already been said? Well, not a lot as it turns out. I have tried to find out some really interesting stuff for you and I have contacted them, but alas, they are mystical creatives, floating through the industry and producing very smooth work. What I can tell you is that they are from Paris and they create some beautiful visuals. A lot of Naked Compagnie's work seems to be pop concert visuals, which are played on huge screens across the back of a stage. They have created these visuals for artists such as The Pussy Cat Dolls, Jay Z & Mika.  Its an intriguing use for motion graphics and An angle that I hadn't really considered until I found this studio. Due to the nature/purpose of this work the videos below may seem repetitive, but do have a look because the quality and style of their work is superb. I have contacted Naked Compagnie and if they reply I will definitely update you :D

You can find more Naked Compagnie at enjoy..

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