Monday, 19 July 2010

Three Legged Legs

Three Legged Legs are one of my favorite studios. The three creators have an awesome portfolio of work and really show their ability to adapt. What I love about this studio is how they can take a brand and really inject genuine creativity into the subject. Corporate is the last word I would use to describe this studio. Working for huge brands such as: Wrigleys, Zune, Starbucks, AT&T & Sony Viao to name just a few and having produced amazing personal shorts like Humans! & Ricochet, Three Legged Legs continue to push forward in the industry, constantly producing exciting new films. I really urge you to check out these guys website and make sure that you have a good look through as I cant link it all here [but, i want to]. The Chronicles section is worth mentioning also, as it's filled to the brim with pitch work for projects that unfortunately never saw the light of day. They are an inspiration to the industry and deserve huge respect for their work!
My two video choices to showcase [how I managed to get it down to two ill never know] are:

Los Angeles Lets Be Friends.
This video is over excited, bright and colourful. It uses some great animation and motion tracking. Its fun!

Zune | Piece of me Piece of you
Great concept, Great lighting, Great compositing, Great dancing,  Great music. Great, Great, Great! Also, not enough puppets used these days!

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  1. This is just pure amazing . love the bit when it shows the virsus in the blood